How to Make the Best of Your School Holiday

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The long break has began. For most of us, we start our holidays with making the list of movies to download, sharing and receiving movies from friends, and even games to install.

If you fall under any category above, then I have a something to tell you, something I wish someone had told me a year ago. What I want to tell you is based on the foundation of Timothy’s article where he said

“I’ll encourage everyone out there especially students to make good use of opportunities they come across, you could do more than you ever imagined, you just need to start. 😉

I’ve highlighted ‘opportunity’ and ‘starting’ because that’s what I’ll like to talk to you about.

“So what’s the opportunity here?” I assume you’d asked me that. Well the opportunity here is you got at least eight free weeks this holiday, with no school commitment (no assignments, tests or exam phobias ).

You can start by checking out courses at Sololearn, w3Schools, tutorialspoint, Udemy, Youtube, and lots more. Just be consistence and make sure you don’t give up.

Here’s a list of things you may consider doing in the coming weeks;

  1. Attend Meetups: You get a chance to network with people and yeah you get a chance to get the swags.
  2. Study: You should study to have an insight of what you’ll expect next session.
  3. Have fun: All work and no play makes jack a dull boy, so have some time to hang out with friends and have fun, after all, you are on holiday.

Why am I saying all this?, Well I was opportune to join Hooli Consults around April. In my the interview I wasn’t asked of my GPA, the CEO Abdulhakeem Mustapha told me “I don’t care about your GPA and that is why I don’t care to ask…”. So after the struggle about the GPA, your skills and what you know also matter.

Before I say bye there’re links I thought will be useful to you:

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